Bakhtiyar Vahabzade – the poet of the Turkish World
Bayram Burhan oglu Gundogdu

Bahtiyar Vahabzadeh was a prominent poet, who always served society, national spiritual values with the theme of his writings in every sphere of art. Bahtiyar Vahabzadeh`s mastership prevailed over his other qualities and brought him fame to be “a poet of the Turkic World” either. The poet did not contented himself with writing poems, but also revealed the secrets of poetry, showed his skills in his articles theoretically and experimentalised them in his poems. The poet`s words “Inspiration is just the first line, the rest are based on talent and toil” have been analyzed in the article in details based on the views of the poet.

Keywords: Bahtiyar Vahabzadeh, poem, poet