Paper submissions

Terms of publication:

"Risale" publications are freely available to read online and is free of publication fees for authors

 Articles on philology (Azerbaijani and world literature, theory of literature, literary analysis and criticism, textual criticism), art history and criticism (museum studies, cultural studies) are published in the booklet of research papers collection.

Anchor articles shall comply with the requirements and regulations established by the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) for periodicals.

Articles should representa new, previously unpublished (including in other languages) studies that have not been submitted to other publications.

Author can submit solely one article to the same number.

Co-authored articles are not accepted for publication.

Anchor articles should be 7-12 pages.

Articles should be submitted for publication in the opinion of two doctors of sciences in relevant fields.

Articles which have been sent to the editorial board, at the same time are presented for opinion anonymously and the opinions are not sent the author.

Author is responsible for the accuracy of the facts and other information in the article.

Articles can be submitted in three languages - Azerbaijani, Russian and English.

Articles should have an introduction, a conclusion, and at least two titles in accordance with the methods of writing scientific research that comply with international standards. Each article should show the UDC index.

  Rules of compiling of articles:

 Article should be collected on a computer and presented in electronic (mail: and printed form: 

  • Program - Microsoft Word, Times New Roman font
  • Main text should be typed in 12-dimensional font and linear distance should be 1 interval, the text format A4
  • Fields should be 2 cm at the top and bottom, 3 cm left, 1 cm on the right. 

List of references hould be placed in alphabetical order, compiled in accordance with the requirements of the HAC, and references in the article should be listed in a straight bracket (for example [5, p.12]).

Keywords should be indicated in the language in which the article was published and in two additional languages. There should beat least 5 keywords.

Article should be summarized in the language in which it is published and in the other two additional languages. Summaries of article in different languages should be identical and consistent with the content of the article. Summary should reflect the scientific conclusion of the author, the scientific novelty of the work, the importance of applying, etc. Each summary should include the author's full name, and the title of the article should be translated.

The volume of articles should be 7-12 pages, the summary should be 200-250 words.

Structure of article:

 UDC index

The author's name, surname, academic degree, scientific name (if any), e-mail address - at the top right corner

The title of the article - in the middle, in black font, in CAPITAL LETTERS

Keywords - in three languages, starting from the left

Text of the article (introduction, sections, conclusion)

References –in alphabetical order

Summary - in 3 languages, indicating the author's name, surname and the title of the article